Artist Info

Vicki Sowell Smith is a native Dallasite and has been painting for over 40 years. Beginning in acrylics, then moving to watercolor, she began oil painting five years ago finding a medium that gave energy to her passion of creating art. She has studied with Sue Alston, watercolorist, Suzanne Kelly Clark, SMU teacher with plein air painting, and oils with Bob Bates and Chris Middlebrook Wyatt. Always looking for an unusual approach, her paintings show a flair for fun and color. especially the neon zebras!

“Oil painting unleashed a new passion for painting for me”, she said. “It seemed to bring together all the many different experiences, lessons, and ideas I have been working on for many years. Taking what I have learned from my head and then translating it to my hand and on to the canvas is a tricky process. Then adding in what’s in my heart to create something unique and fun takes time.”

“When I started oil painting, I painted with a new and passionate intensity. I wanted to push myself to not only learn how to paint in this medium but to try something new with each painting. I didn’t stick to the same style or subject but looked for a variety of subjects and techniques that would not only help me grow but produce interesting paintings. I really wanted people to look at each painting and be intrigued by the way the colors worked together with the strokes.”

“I enjoy finding a scene and then capturing it with a photo or working several pictures together. It gives me time to work on the composition and also keep the light the way I like it.”